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The Festival is organized by the Cēsis Castle Guild foundation. The Cēsis Castle Guild foundation was founded on 2006. Since its debut in 2007, the Cēsis Art Festival has unequivocally developed into a nationally important tradition and one of the most significant programmes of summer cultural events in Cēsis and the Vidzeme region as well as Latvia, offering an opportunity to attend unique top quality events of contemporary culture outside the capital. A significant aspect of the festival has traditionally been a synthesis of various areas and phenomena of culture – not only as a mutual synergy of different forms of artistic expression, resulting in unique facts of culture, but also as interaction of representatives of the music, art, theatre and film circles. Therefore, it could be said that the festival aims at consolidating the Latvian culture scene into a coherent whole, striving to counteract fragmentation and breaking down boundaries. The programme of the Cēsis Art Festival, comprising visual art exhibitions, concerts, opera and theatre productions, film programmes and said multimedia projects as well as discussions and conferences, is constantly attracting a new audience in addition to the regular festivalgoers.

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