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Model-based Naming for Smart Guides:With this new feature, every element in your drawings can be named with a model number and a model name, making it easy to reference and track, and even easier to find the properties and attributes that you need.Clipboard:Use the clipboard to save your selections from the drawing area for use in other drawings or across the network. You can create a collection, or group of clips, and access them later using the right mouse button.Coordinates:New attributes make it easy to access the coordinates of the specified object, view, or anything else in your drawing."Remember Your Place" from Global Cursor to Context-sensitive Editing:The "Remember Your Place" feature from AutoCAD 2016 is now available from global cursor to the context-sensitive Edit & Select tool, enabling the user to make a selection with the Select tool and have that selection automatically select the next shape in the drawing."Right-click" and Create a Dynamic Column with Data:You can “right-click” anywhere in your drawing and select from a list of automatically-generated (or dynamically-generated) commands for a range of actions. You can even create a dynamic column to reflect the data in a list of tables.Extended "Create Basic Shapes" Options:When creating a shape with the "Create Basic Shapes" command, you have more options to control the appearance of the object.Smart Grids:To get feedback from your computer’s monitor, the Geometric Center button and Project workspace provide a new interface to measure the accuracy of your drawings.Geometric Center:The Geometric Center automatically finds the centers of geometric shapes in your drawing and places them on a new Coordinates grid on the drawing canvas. When you select one of the geometric centers, the coordinate axes are automatically placed on the drawing canvas.Project Workspace:The Project Workspace features a new Coordinates workspace that creates a new Coordinates grid for each project. The Project workspace has a new Coordinates menu that gives you easy access to the new Coordinates grid.Review and Edit DrawingsUse the new "Review and Edit" tool to detect problems or errors in your drawings, such as changes that have not been saved. You can change, correct, 2be273e24d


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