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· Please do not visit any of the festival events if you have symptoms of respiratory infection, are under self-isolation, quarantine at home or strict isolation. The organizers of the festival have the right to deny entry to the events to people with symptoms of respiratory infection.

· The seating arrangements in events will be in accordance with the rule that each person must have no less than 4 m2 of space. As a result, the number of seats per event is limited!

· Due to the limited number of seats, we strongly recommend that you buy the tickets in a timely manner via contactless payment or bank card.

· If there is no organic glass barrier between seats, we ask that you wear a face mask or that you always observe 2 m.

· We recommend that you disinfect your hands on a regular basis. The festival ensures that all surfaces and all the equipment is disinfected.

· Please take note that, due to health and safety concerns, this year we will not be organizing the Creative Children's Room.

We wish you all a safe and pleasant Festival experience!


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Yumi Vega
Yumi Vega
Feb 01, 2023

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