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The reorganization of the Career Center's business curriculum was approved last year after a year of study by the Center's board. The new academy will become the first to be implemented among all of Ohio's vocational secondary schools, according to Wayne Career Center vocational supervisor Larry Hickman. The academy is being made possible, in part, by a portion of the $99,905 grant the Center received this year from the Ohio School to Work continuation program under its "Beyond the Boundaries of a Building" funding project. Mentoring relationships with local people working in each student's chosen career will be an important part of the program, as will internships at local businesses.

Developing the Business and Management Technology Academy curriculum required close cooperation among the Career Center, state education officials, and local business payforessay consultants including Steve Bushman and Chris Schmid of Luk Inc., of Wooster, who have worked closely with the academy planners. A handful of other vocational schools around the state are also planning to go to the academy system of business career education, Hickman said.

For the Career Center, one of the most obvious changes in the business curriculum under the academy will be geometry homework help that adults as well as high school juniors and seniors will be able to enroll, as tuition-paying students in the Center's adult continuing education department.

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